Gaspesie Coast

25 Aug

From Rimouski to the tip of the Gaspesie is a long drive so we kept going and eventually spent the night in a “Gite”, a special category of Bed and Breakfast, at Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, a charming fishing village in whose harbor a local artist, Armand Vaillancourt, created a tower of white recovered wood pieces named “The White Flag”. It’s so impressive that in the night it stands out like a unlit lighthouse attractting people who casual came to walk in the harbor to discover what is its story. From the top of another panorama tower the gulf in front looks like a typical Gaspesie landscape: small houses with red roofs, blue waters, boats in the harbor, white Anglican churches and French stone cathedrals all in a crystal clear chilled air.



The Gaspesie lighthouses are so numerous that there are brochures and separate tours just to visit only them on the way. The first that came our way was an out-of-service but still fully functioning manually operated lighthouse in La Martre. It was in full operation being winded every 6 hours till the mid 80s when the GPS made them obsolete. But its charm is still there especially to discover its clockwork mechanism that is ticking like it always did. Similar with this one but more advanced technological, there are many lighthouses on the coast and if it were to stop for all of them you may need several days just to drive the entire coast.


La Martre

In the middle of the north coast is the village of St Madeline de la Riviere de St Madeline. Pretty cool name. It has a lighthouse, a charming harbor on the river the flows in St Laurent and a St Laurent river bed made out of slate rocks that invite you to explore.


St Madeline de la Riviere de St Madeline – harbor

Panoramic sights are coming one after another on an elevated coast that plunges into the river that at this point is so large, more than 100km, that it looks like a sea. You drive on its coast that is sparsely populated with houses with occasionally colored roofs, atoms of endurance fighting the winter winds and drifted snow. I don’t think that you can see something like that anywhere else on water front properties that are highly valued and built up.


St Madeline

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