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Forillon National Park is located in the tip of the Gaspe peninsula. The road that winds through the tip of the peninsula forks at one point and enters the park in several places, dividing the park in a northern and a southern sector. In the northern sector Cap Bon Ami looks like the deserted out-of-the-world beach from the “Planet of the Apes”; You may just expect to be Charelton Heston and see the destroyed statue of liberty just around the corner. Whales may roam unseen the far away waters but the seals pop out curiously out of the waves close to the shore standing there for long periods of time and looking at the intruders who dare to trample their beaches.


Cap Bon Ami, Forillon, Gaspe

In the southern sector, the trail to Cap Gaspe, the most eastern point of the peninsula, is about 4 km. It is a popular trip full of Quebecois who walk or sometime ride bikes all the way to the Cap. At its end, the charming lighthouse overlooks a deep plunge into the wavy ocean that can you reached on a short hike that brings you to the most eastern point of Quebec, as it is stated on a board. The return hike can be done through Les Grave, a charming path surrounded by flowers close to the ocean and overlooking precipitous bays full of seals and lots of birds.


Cap Gaspe, Forillon

In another part of the park a beaver colony captures each evening the attention of a group of travelers attended by a ranger who offers a tour in Quebecois in their habitat. Luckily we knew something about the life of beavers because the accent proved to be a serious barrier in understanding any French from her explanation. We tried to get some clarifications in English from a nice lady ranger who obliged and made tremendous efforts to put together an explanation and in the end with our combined efforts in choosing the right words in English something came about. East of Quebec is hard to get somebody to speak fluent English and as always we were the only English speakers around…


Beaver construction, Forillon

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