Ashuwillticook Rail Trail, MA

06 Sep


That’s a name I still cannot remember no matter that I tried several times but the bike ride on the ex-rail track converted in paved bike track is fabulous.  It brings you from the Berkshire Mall around Pittsfield to Adams, MA one of the old towns in the old industrial upstate New York. The name means in the Native American language “at the in-between pleasant river” a reference to easily flowing Hoosic.


Hoosic Valley, Adams, MA

In Adams you can rent a bike on the main road from a nice couple, Drew and Bridget at , and start riding by the Hoosic river. The Cheshire reservoir that you reach in the middle of the trail was originally built for the saw mills that were using water power but when the industry collapsed the city took over and converted the entire area in a park.


Hoosic River, Cheshire

The trail that follows route 8 and is located somewhere between Mount Greylock and Hoosac Mountain range is about 11 miles and is usually rode round trip, the return being a little bit easier coming slightly down with the river flow.


Cheshire Reservoir

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