Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!

25 Oct

His Majesty Romanian King Michael is celebrating his 94th birthday.
Blackmailed by the Soviets at the end of the war, who arrested a large group of students threatening to kill them if the King does not cave to their conditions, Michael decided to abdicate and spare the lives of the youths. The Soviet propaganda spread the rumor that the King left the country with a train full of gold, a legend that was perpetrated during the entire period of the Communist dictatorship. However His Majesty lived a frugal life in Switzerland and after the collapse of the communism returned to cheering crowds who filled the streets of Bucharest just to get a glimpse of their monarch. Afraid of such incredible popularity that they never had in so many years of “popular dictatorship”, the newly-painted-excommunist-democrats refused a following visit of the king and chased him out of the country to another international disgrace, accusing him that he did not have an entry visa. Another of the typical lies that brought the saying: “You lie like a communist”. Eventually after many years of negotiations when the king was old enough not to be a threat to their established corrupt system the Romanian “democrat” politicians accepted the return of the King under the condition that His Majesty would not get involved in politics.


The King Michael Square, Bucharest, Romania

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