What kind of country is this?

03 Nov

Protest in Victoria Square, Bucharest

A prime minister accused of plagiarism with an attitude and language of a pub petty crook who prosecutors found guilty of corruption but is protected by his MPs partners in crime who block his prosecution. No foreign official wants to engage him in negotiations but he refuses to resign.

A smart diva and very influential politician tightly connected to the past President accused in many prosecution files threatens his MP colleagues in full plenum of the Parliament that if they would vote for lifting her immunity they will be tomorrow in her place. On National TV. The MPs vote by putting all balls in one voting urn throwing the entire vote in disarray after which they swiftly left the Parliament on the spot.

A vice prime minister driving against the law only with police escort speeds at almost 100 miles/hour late in a rainy night chasing the police motorcycle in the front that at one point dives like in a movie in a construction hole and the policeman dies on the spot. The vice prime minister does not even consider to get off the car to see what happened. He was tired and just wanted to get home.

A Parliament whose only preoccupation is to pass a law that would block the justice system to prosecute them forcing the legal system to assure prosecution immunity for any politician; the same Parliament that tried unsuccessfully to impeach TWICE the past president of the republic who was trying to impose an independence of the justice system.

A doctor, the mayor of Bucharest caught red handed with kick-back money, siphoning millions of euros in construction is under arrest.

Another borough president arrested also after it was found also with million of euros in kick backs from all contracts in the largest economical borough of the capital. Several other borough presidents either arrested or indicted.

A doctor is insulted repeatedly in an examination committee simply because he had the courage to sustain his medical point of view in front a politically appointed abusive woman, the commission head, who ruled with an iron fist the entire examination committee. Nobody else in the committee had the courage to ask a question, offer an opinion or defend the doctor and they advised him that next time to obey and maybe even present a bad diagnostic to comply with the lady and also to let himself be humiliated.

A music club opened under exclusive responsibility of a twenty-something-year-olds goes in flames in seconds killing tens of people and burning almost two hundreds. The club had one small access door, no sprinklers, covered completely in highly flammable noise abatement materials, accepting for free inside around 500 people in a 80 seating. Obviously with no fire code regulation implemented like many building in Bucharest, including the National Stadium.The borough president responsible for that part of the city declares on National TV that his office does not carry any responsibility in spite of giving them the authorization to operate. Neither the President nor the prime minister or the vice prime minister came on site to offer comfort to the mourning families of the victims. The head of the Romanian Orthodox Church, a very shrewd businessman with almost no spiritual inclinations, when asked why there were no priests on site declares: “We don’t go there to make a show(…) People should come to church not to clubs” augmenting in a way the idea that permeated in the media that the heavy metal concert was a “satanic rite”.

Romania is the name of this place. A country ruled exclusively by Mafia-type clans disguised as political parties whose unique roles is just to feed their political cronies to stay in power and suck all the country resources. Romania looks and feels for the regular Joe living here as a sort of Zimbabwe, a country ruled exclusively by the blatant interests of the ruling politicians who fight among themselves to get elected in order to accede to power and spoil the country. It is no difference between one party or another, all formed by sons and relatives of the old security service or apparatchiks, the democracy being for them sacred only in theft.

For many who visit and see the charming country with lots of interesting things to visit or live as expats is almost impossible to understand the venality and the cancer that exist under a thin veneer in a country that was on purpose blocked to develop. The public sector is overwhelmed with a crony apparatus that is meant to create confusion and laws that are crafted to oppose each other creating a climate where the only way to solve your problems is to pay a bribe. Romania is the land of kickback, any paper requesting an envelope with money, no matter if you are in a public hospital, a public institution, or a ministry. The private sector is highly corrupt simply because is impossible to get business without money under the table most of them targeting the bloated government contracts.

Romania is a land where the only God known to the higher ups is a hefty bribe.

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