A new revolution in Bucharest

05 Nov

University Square, Bucharest

The change is in the air. After three days of protests with the entire center city boulevard paralyzed by beautiful young people the prime minister resigned, together with the entire cabinet. For the first time in the recent history of the country, six days after the blaze that killed and maimed other beautiful young people in #colectiv, some officials apologized public for the arrogant statements they did, in the manner that they didn’t in the last 25 years. For them it never existed the idea of apologies because never had any consideration for the regular people. The borough president resigned and in a turn of a holy face the Romanian Orthodox Church Patriarch, who was booed and targeted with many posters in the square, apologized sheepishly for his statements and blamed everything on a communication error. Not bad for a beginning however no politician considered to come in the square and talk with the protesters. But in any case is a twenty five years difference in mentality; the University Square and the entire boulevard was occupied each and every night but the country supervised by EU and a strong partner of US is not anymore captive to the communist ruling mentality that called the miners in 1990 to beat the students and the intellectuals. Even more than that the President asked that many groups who were protesting in the square to designate leaders who should come at the Presidential Palace and present their wishes.


“(Patriarch) Daniel, did you renounce the frock?”

And the wishes were very clearly stated: “We don’t want you anymore. None of you. We don’t want to see you again. Get lost and let the  country be ruled by technocrats”. Not so easy to do when the system is so ingrained with graft and incompetence and their beneficiary.

Univeristy Square

“We don’t negotiate with thieves. Just go all of you”

People are fed up with the same political figures, with their venal corruption, with their immunity that put them above the law and with their mafia style they operate the legislative forum of the country, with their wealth obtains exclusively through theft that hopefully now should start to be confiscated when they will be put on trial. Significant for the hate and disgust the people have towards the entire political class is the fact that never in these days was any statement uttered against the #colectiv club owners, that were perceived almost as victims of the same profoundly corrupt system, the entire protest targeting exclusively the politicians. The first good sign of the day is that the prime minister who just resigned was already call for judicial procedure, as long as is not protected anymore by immunity.


“Mass resignation”

By coincidence I was here in Bucharest in the days of the tragic event at #colectiv and all these days of the protests and I felt privileged to be able to mingle in the square with these beautiful young people who the only thing they want is to live and work decently in the country where they were born, chanting all night that they want to take their own country back. But for this, like 25 years ago, others had to be sacrificed like in a ritual this type on a funeral pyre. But their souls would guide the spirit of the others and hopefully would chase away the fathoms of greed and venality. Otherwise another 25 years will pass….Now is the moment !


Goodbye to Gravity, the band who concerted and perished in the blaze at #Colectiv

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