The political correctness of France

16 Nov

Friday night I felt devastated. I did not have any friends or relative among the numerous victims of the heinous Paris attack, not others who were around. All our Paris relatives were safe and never been even close that night to those locations but the sense of loss refused to leave me. It felt that the attack was against us, me and all my friends. And it was this way because I felt like all others who were there, at a concert or in a restaurant or on a stadium. Like many Parisians I felt that it could have been me on those sites. I grieved for the French with no candles and vigils.

French flag

But I can tell you that I was not surprised. For the last 25 years the reports coming from France were signaling a surge of violence and radicalization and a profound hate that a part of the Arabs living in the heart of the society had for the country itself. Aggression against people in subways and on the streets was entwined with rape of the women in a ritualistic process that meant to debase the society that accepted them as citizens. The politically correct politicians were quiet about this in spite that entire communities were attacked and lived in fear like in this article written recently in Vanity Fear. An extra vote was always more important for them than to stand for the security of the Republic and the safety of their constituents. Hollande was elected with the votes of an entire Place de la Bastille filled with maghrebian flags but with no French flag to be seen, that first I thought that were “Photoshopped” out of the picture. As a French national living abroad said to me: “France does not exist anymore in the cities”. The “cite”, nicknamed also “the other France” are focal points of crime, similar in a way with the American “projects”, where violence is rampart and police has a hard time to control (article). For years tens of riots were flaring in the “banlieues” and in some small township across France. Cars were burned, violence erupted, windows were smashed and police was attacked, in many neighborhoods not having access at all or being chased away by gang of Arab teenagers. The methods that police wanted to employ were blocked by politicians who were afraid that will be labeled as “American methods”, an epithet that for the French left is almost synonym with becoming a pariah in the political arena. Jean Francois Revel, an elite French intellectual and chief editor of the L’Express magazine wrote in his “Antiamericanism” book about all these phenomenons. Behind the scene France was ruled always by the left and its voice is very loud. And when it was not ruled politically by the left, to quote Revel, “the right was doing all they could to please the left”. The politically correctness that the left wing intellectuals imposed in France made everybody fear even to question the validity of the methods applied to contain this cancer. The only thing that was sanctioned was the unmitigated help offered to communities, any other attitude being labeled as racist. The possible refusal of a visa for groups of abusive immigrants was responded with demonstrations of the left. The schools, as well depicted in the film “The Class“, are places where political correctness rules and the education is sidelined if even possible to coexist with the the violence. Meanwhile in spite of the help the “marginalized” individuals refused to change. The current situation in France is the result of this mentality where the politically correctness rules, forcing the society to blame itself for the failure of these few. There are 6 millions Muslims in France, as far as I know and most of them are moderate and integrated in the society. There are 2000 French nationals that are known by the police that went to Syria to train and returned to France. In France they will use their training to teach others to become killers. Why are these people free and not in a jail or in a French Guantanamo? There are another almost 2000 radicalized Muslims whom police is trying very hard to follow and do surveillance on. A tiny fraction of the French Muslim community but a ballast for the society and a threat for its people. These backward people with their archaic form of religion hate France and the west and they do not belong there and should be expelled in a way or another from the society. The war Hollande declared should first started on these individuals and I hope that the extension of the three months emergency measures in the country would be used to do a spring cleaning of the French society.

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