Robert Whitman

22 Nov

Robert Whitman: “Prince in Minneapolis”, 1977

It happened to meet Robert about 6-7 years ago at the performance of a New York based-Montreal born choreographer Noemi LaFrance. Noemi is creating amazing site-specific pieces that are set in remarkably unusual places: a derelict pool in Brooklyn, a deserted parking place, the stairwell of a sky scarper, an old fort, the roofs of Frank Gehry building or inside a regular building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Robert was documenting her work and many other choreographers and we had a great chat with high perspectives to meet again and chat more and maybe develop something together using some of the video I shot. However no matter that we kept in contact and we spoke several times even setting appointments something was always amiss and we could never meet. At one point we even discussed to meet within the next half hour just to notice that we went to completely different places in New York. I thought that it’s not meant to happen and I dropped the ball. However, I was on his email list and every time when he had a new photography show from his amazing body a work I got an invite. But again, either that the shows where in some other part of the US or I was traveling so I was never able to attend.
Till last week when after getting an invite I penned it in the calendar to go and meet him at a group show at Georges Berges Gallery in Soho, 462 Broadway where he had several amazing works. We met, we hugged and planned to meet again and hope that this time will really happen.


Robert Whitman: “Untitled”


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