Ruins around Breakneck Ridge

27 Nov

Breakneck Ridge, NY

Breakneck Ridge is probably the most spectacular hike on the Hudson Valley. A straight up climb, most of the time on all four, on granite boulders and slate rock, an one hour straight up excursion where you hardly find a place to rest on the way. The best possible trip for an incredible beautiful and unseasonably warm Thanksgiving Friday.


Hudson River from the top of the ridge

The moment you lift yourself a little bit on the ridge, Hudson valley majestically opens up all the way to Cold Spring and opposite to Beacon…


Bannerman Island and Castle, Hudson Valley, NY

….with the Bannerman Island and its ruined castle right in between. And what a view to that faux-medieval ruined castle in the middle of the river, a sort of Heidelberg on Hudson. Well, sort of, a smaller one, thou…


Ruins on the trail

Other ruins are hiding deep in the forest with several old mansions and industrial buildings that arrest your advance on the way back to Cold Spring… where you are arrive at sunset for a well deserved cappuccino in a town that is made out of antique stores and charming old buildings full of character.


Sunset in Cold Spring, NY

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