Why me?

06 Dec

Scene from “Why Me?”

Under a packed audience “Tudor Giurgiu’s “Why me?”, a brave movie about the Romania’s corruption, premiered last night in New York. The movie follows a prosecutor who was given a case to indict one of his colleague and is based on real facts following the time of the oil embargo for Serbia that Romania was stealthy breaking. The proceeds of this traffic was siphoned to enrich Romanian politicians and their parties and mainly to various factions of the Romanian Secret Service, the oil traffic being approved by the highest levels of the government and the Romanian presidency. Having doubts that his colleague was guilty, mainly because he used to be involved in the investigating this oil traffic, the prosecutor decides, in spite of tremendous pressures, not to give an indictment, that brings upon him a harassing campaign and a threat of prosecution. The paranoia impeccably painted in the film around the main character, symptomatic for the Romanian society, in the end drives the main character to suicide, as it happened in real life. The film was released specially one month before the last year presidential elections in which the prime minister at the time was running for office as a wake up call for the Romanian society to mobilize and vote against him. This ex-prime minister, Victor Ponta, also a prosecutor, was the one who was given the dossier after the prosecutor Cristian Panait refused to indict and is the last one who saw him alive before allegedly Panait jumped from his house terrace. Many in Romania rumored that Ponta is guilty of his suicide and the most brazen ones accused him of pushing him off the rails. Victor Ponta is currently in indictment process for a number of corruption charges.
The Q&A after the screening triggered so many discussions that the Walter Read Theater personnel had to come and cut it short in order to be able to keep up with the theater schedule.

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