About education walking the Princeton campus

03 Jan

Princeton University

I have been the other day in Princeton and walking through the campus, like in any top American Universities campuses, you cannot notice a large concentration of Asian students. Divided mainly between Chinese and Indian, this group of students may come from afar but the majority come from first generation immigrant families that moved to the United States. Both their parents and the kids had the dream to make it in America and worked hard in this direction. In the same time you notice, especially at the top schools that require math and science, less and less white and black kids, the Asians being a majority from Columbia to Carnegie Mellon to Stanford or UCLA. The dream to come to these temples of learning may or may not be for all but the effort differs, the Asians being able to align their dream with the intent to succeed.


Princeton University

Not surprisingly NY Times had an article that mentioned that in spite of higher high school graduation rate the value of the knowledge acquired is not at the college level for most of the kids. A lack of standardized tests make some states to have way lower standards than others. Beside it is mentioned in the article a surprising, for me only maybe, pressure from the parents side to lower the amount of homework and less emphasis on grades a trend seconded by the politicians looking for votes. I don’t know who are the parents the article was referring to but I know who are the ones close in my neighborhood and for sure they are not the Asian ones.


Princeton University

In a response to the article, the opinions vary however there are some who would like to associate the PC of class warfare with the level of education. Of course a lower income environment is affecting the performance but also the level of education and the mentality. The Asian immigrant families may be not affluent or highly educated but they see that their kids will be motivated and they push them to work very hard to achieve it. And also they do a tremendous effort to separate themselves from the environment that can pull them back.  With the new disrupting technologies that will lay off thousands of uneducated or slightly educated workers that only the politicians can pretend that can be massively retrained it should be a total drive for educating the new generation to be competitive and push them hard to succeed, create the dream and align it with the intent. Because otherwise the cheerleaders that support Donald Trump who hate to press 1 for English will have to press maybe 2 or even 3.

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