Finally, Obama!

05 Jan


How many more people had to die till the money would stop trumping life? They love to talk about liberty. Do they really know what means to have liberty? Meanwhile they have no clue that they are just tools in the hands of the NRA, a major tool in the hands of the industry. Because in America if you are able to make money and hire people off the street you are a hero even if what you do kills others. How many years we had to wait to get even this most basic executive order? An executive order that tries to state that you cannot buy a gun as easy as a 6 pack of beer. Finally, Obama!!!! Why not in 2012 or right after? We have a Congress that lost completely the touch with any form of common sense; everything is politics, money and interests concealed under the shroud of the public good; and is valid for sure for both parties. They don’t even consider a limitation of the assault weapons, a ban that existed during Clinton and that even W did not want to eliminate when it expired. Banning assault weapons is a common sense policy that only the money hungry and the cuckoos cannot get it, or don’t want to get it. When you listen to the media attacks that will follow notice the people who would oppose it; they are the ones that do not care at all about your life and neither about your liberty. Because you cannot have liberty if you have fear.

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