The sad face of the happy Cancun

09 Mar



Chac Mol Beach, Cancun, Mexico

I took a walk on the beach and looked at the people. Nobody was talking. They walked even holding hands. Silence. Sad, bored, featureless faces. Afar, way gone from the present reality. Each one with their thoughts. Couples were sitting slightly apart looking in opposite directions in their iPhones and texting away toward somebody else. They were together but far apart. No smiles on their faces. In paradise? Do they really smile when they make love? I was for only one day in Cancun and I was missing Cuba already. Its vibrant and incessant Brownian life. The cries of the streets to neighbors, the catcalls, the noise and the fumes, the agitation, the continuous mulling on the streets, the couples, old and young, the single and friends, the jineteras and the street smarts all smiling. The good time with nothing on the table, but a really good time better than at the king’s feast. And sexuality like nowhere else. In Cuba nobody has what Cancun can offer but people exult an explosive happiness and joyfulness and a joie de vivre that exceed even the sense of the expression.  They cannot afford fancy drinks and don’t dance in glitzy clubs, they swig a shot of rum and wave their bodies on the streets and in squares in complete abandon. Cancun is life taught in school while Cuba is the pure, instinctive life.

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