16 Mar


“Ms. Merkel, we have lots of refugees at the border”
“From Siria? Let them in”
“No, there are Germans. They want out”

The Sunday elections in Germany spelled out what for many months most of us born in Europe were expecting: the electoral sign of the demise of the only European leader who was able to lead and rule Europe in the recent years. Because in spite of her major flaw in the migrant crisis Angela Merkel stands out in Europe as a real leader, a person that fought for a unified Europe even if according to her detractors this fight was more about the German’s interests control of Europe. Her stature is even more imposing when compared with its counterparts, a French President who would be more appropriate as a cheese supermarket manager, his English colleague who wants to have as little as possible with Continental Europe or the other European leaders who are either bland and insignificant or are perfect copies of the old Communist apparatchiks we were used with in Eastern Europe, fearful of losing their jobs and speaking only in slogans in what we used to call in Romania the “wood tongue:”. However Merkel was always different, in spite of being accused of ex-Communist links or as being a good friend of Putin, she was a leader whose staunch approach was able to keep somehow glued the EU, a marriage of loose interests with no love whatsoever.
But the migrant crisis changed everything and with it came tumbling down the foundation of her statue. Long hidden under the rug by the controlled German media, the migrant “problem” became a real migrant “crisis” funneled mainly by her irrational and irresponsible attitude of inviting all migrants to come to Germany. So besides the Syrians who came as war refugees an entire horde of Africans, South Asians and Afghans decided to risk their life and savings to follow the invitations of “Muti”, that never thought in her German organized mind what it means to have a real MultiKulti on your hands and refusing to accept that people are different, culturally, socially and even intellectually. The communists and now the post-communist of various flavors were always zesting of mixing people and create the masonic ideal of a diversified society exemplifying the success of the United States but ignoring the 250 years of “melting pot” making as well as the fact that no white CEO would live on the same street with an African poor Muslim anywhere in the States. The money would keep them worlds apart.
For many Europeans who already considered Merkel to be too bossy, her request to invite people and after that to force other countries to take them in was the last straw. The opposition started first by the Eastern European countries where people lived for 50 years under regimes that forced words in their mouths and now they refused to accept this anymore, and followed by the Scandinavians, the Brits and in the end the French. A process that left Merkel not only alone in Europe but left with few supporters in Germany with many in her party and coalition sister parties deserting her position. The upcoming success of Pegida and AFD is no “new” news for the Europeans who knew that right wing is very healthy in spite of years of communism or out-casting. So Merkel’s acts not only that created a mess that would be hardly manageable in the ordered Germany, with one more million unemployed and most of them unemployable, but also gave a good pretext for the rise of these groups that otherwise stayed silent in their corners drinking German beer. It’s sad how a apparently innocuous gesture, gracious at it may have looked to be, brought so much dissatisfaction to the Germans.
Of course, with thousands of people at the border and a haunting history, Angela had to do something and the right way to do it would have been to accept the already moving migrants in small chunks in Germany. But Europe never acted like fully grown ups. When the iron curtain fell in 1989, the sense we, the Eastern European, got talking with people in the west was that they looked like a coddled group of people blessed by history and protected by the Americans forces that forgot their role and acted only by some kind of inherited rights that the entire world should know to respect and accept. Handling conflict in the fledgling union and around its borders or the protection of their own borders was never a concern, like no bad thing would ever happen to them. Europe signed the convention of the refugees but they never created camps, outside or inside their border, to screen the migrants like the Americans were doing for more than 50 years. And as usually when something major happens everybody is taken by surprise and nobody had any clue what to do and how to handle the crisis so the old reflex went into effect and the Germans  started to censor the media on anything that involved migrants, only one example being the Cologne New Year mass molestation. It was an American paper that wrote first about the events that triggered the media coverage and the fallout outrage that followed.
Out of options and humiliated Merkel bent over in front of the loathed dictatorial Sultan taking a deal everybody hates that would bring more aggravation politically for her in Germany and in Europe. Luckily she was helped by the always dismissed East Europeans, this time Macedonians, who took upon themselves to solve the problem and close the migration route, a thing the politically-correct-left-wing-West-Europeans would never have done.
In the end Merkel would leave the political arena, a good and capable leader who was not wise enough to keep her mouth shut when she had to. Unfortunately what she unleashed may stay with Europe for a while and we know how it looks; we had another similar wave in Europe just about 80 years ago.

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