Around Santa Clara in Cuba

09 Apr
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The train station in Iznaga, Cuba

We are going to publish some new and some updated albums of frames from a new shoot shoot we did in Cuba.
A tour in Central Cuba is always starting by being around Trinidad. We shot last year and this year again a country in flux that probably in the next years will see change that was not imagined in the last 50 years. The first stop was in Vale de Ingenios, the place of the old sugar mills that were the life blood of the Cuban economy. Now completely in disrepair are little by little resurrected as sitio arheologico for tourist coming here to see a part of Cuban past. The train station in Manaca Iznaga looks like the Bolivian train station where Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid descended from the train on the way to their bank robberies.

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Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Just miles away Sancti Spiritus has a particular charm with its out of time square and relaxed atmosphere of cobbled stone streets and yards where you can walk in and assist life as it happens.

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Parque Vidal, Santa Clara, Cuba

Santa Clara is the opposite. With an edgy youth hanging out in the central square and around Cafe la Marquesiana, most of them students at the second largest university in Cuba, Santa Clara still clings to the title of hero city. Here it happened Che’s final victory of the Cuban Revolution that forced Batista to flee and send Cuba in a 56 years sleep. So the main points of interest are built around the cult of Che whose monument where he is entombed is the largest in Cuba. Beside it’s the monument of the blown up train, quite a weird one, and another of the Che statues with a child in his arm. Of course you can buy any Che trinkets, Che T-shirts, Che maracas, Che photos, Che paintings, Che books, Che manuals of combat and the more famous Marlyn Monroe as Che.

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