Driving through Mojave

21 Apr
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Solar farm

The desert apparently is just sun and scorched earth. In the Nevada desert, right at the border with California it was built a huge solar farm. With three huge towers that concentrate the light reflected by fields of hundreds surrounding moving mirrors is a magical view in the nothing of the desert. Something shining in the dirt.
A while ago I saw a simulation of this solar farm done by an Irish artist and largely displayed in front of the fountain in the Lincoln Center in New York.


Calico ghost town, CA

For sure the desert’s beauty and beaming life was not of any interests of the ones that came here for its underground treasures. For about 20 years at the end of the 19th century Calico was a hub formed overnight by the silver discovered here. The mine was exploited till about 1896 when the silver finished and the people departed leaving behind one of the ghost towns of the West. Recently the town was resurrected as a tourist destination and a visit on its sleeping streets transports you in a blink to another time and spirit.

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