Where Route 66 ends

23 Apr

Santa Monica’s pier, CA

As Jack Kerouack wrote in one of his books, if I remember correctly, Route 66 gave always the impression that goes only one way, towards California. Nobody was thinking or, worse, wanted to tell the story of taking the road the other way. The sense of wilderness, of freedom and the scintillating sun was the magnet that became attached also to the route itself. The entire beat generation took the road in this direction and described it bringing it in our collective memory. And as you can see it got stuck this way in our mind and the road does terminate on the pier in Santa Monica, CA. Maybe Jack was right after all….


Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, CA

The iconic Hollywood sign overlooking the avenue of the movie start sits actually in a beautiful park, Griffith, where the locals stroll during the weekends. In spite of being right in the middle of one of the largest US metropolis the park teams of life including mountain lions shot on triggered cameras by famous Nat Geo photographers. To get to the sign there are several paths from different locations depending of how much time you want to spend in the sultry LA heat. We drove up the hill close to the Griffith Observatory that confer superb views over the city’s groves of buildings and from there we climbed up to the top of the hill to shoot a better view of the sign. In any case if you want to touch it it may be hard because the climb comes from the back of the sign that is fenced out.


Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA

Down under the sign is the famous Hollywood Boulevard packed with tourists congregating in front of the main theaters where the Oscars are awarded.

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