Death Valley

25 Apr

Death Vally National Park, NV-CA

Death Valley is the largest national park in the 48 states and most probably the driest in the US. To drive through it takes you the entire day if you want to stop on occasions and there are many of them. Each time when I came here to visit I had the feeling that no matter how early I would arrive still I did not have enough time even to go through the major points of interest of the park.


Badlands – 85.5 meters under the sea level, Death Valley, NV

The collapsing plains created here the lowest point in the US at 282ft under the sea level in an area named Badlands, a saltpan that surrounds you. However salt covers many other places in the valley.


Puddles of water are rarely seen in the valley, Death Valley, NV

It falls around 5 inches or rain per year in the valley and probably several of them poured upon the plains the previous night flooding roads. The road to Shoshone going to Las Vegas was closed as well as the northern part of the park around Scotty’s castle affected by a major flooding in October 2015.


Artist palette, Death Valley, NV

The surrounding mountains have all colors imagined in places that look exactly like a painter palette and a ride in the Artist Drive is an unforgettable experience. If you have the time you can lose yourself through the chromatic hills becoming one with the artist imagination.

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