The old Las Vegas

27 Apr

Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas, NV

Most of what people know about Las Vegas is “the strip”; the Bellagio’s fountains, the gondolas of The Venetian, the Eiffel Tower on top of the Paris casino, the erupting volcano in the Mirage or the Trevi Fountain in front of the Cesar. For all, Las Vegas was selling a dream, a make believe where it looks that there are no boundaries and everything is possible…only if you have the right amount of money. More recently the “theme” hotels became kind of yesterday and were replaced by the nondescript luxury ones looking and being impressive but missing in a way the manufactured dream replaced conveniently by a vacation in a place that many may not afford on a regular basis.
However it still exist a part of Las Vegas, its old downtown, the preserves the original flavor. The running lights, the glitter, the music, the sleaze, the vice, the girls, the Chippendale, the booze, the occasional smell of pot are all alive and well, like ported through eras from the time when Lansky and Capone were doing brisk business here, on Fremont Street under the huge screen where every hours is projected a short concert of famous American bands. The casinos around the street are the classical Vegas ones owned originally by the mob: Golden Nugget, Four Queens, Golden Gate, Plaza, etc. And if you want an entire history about Las Vegas and its less savory developers the new Mob Museum, opened in the old court house where judges used to decide upon their fates, is an astonishing experience about the story of all the characters who combined crime, gambling, booze, drugs and money crisscrossing America between Brooklyn, LA, Las Vegas and Havana, just steps away from the same casinos that they built. Capisci?


Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas, NV

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