The spell of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture

28 Apr

Taliesin West

Comparing with its also famous peers the buildings designed by the well-known architect Frank Lloyd Wright have a sense of integration and closeness that no other buildings are able to display. Frank Lloyd Wright is considered the most famous American architect even after very many years after his death. To visit the houses that he built is a treat in itself, an exploration in a sacred space that he was able to create for his clients. In the case of Taliesin West, a response of the one built in Wisconsin, Taliesin East, Wright did not have a client and he was able to build completely free of demands and requirements. For many years he was navigating between these two locations, spending the winters in Arizona and the summers in Wisconsin. Taliesin West was his own personal project, conceived and designed for himself and built by attendants who came to Scottsdale vying to be near the master and even paying for the privilege of working for him. The slanted crude walls show the lack of building prowess of these students but nothing deters the amazing feeling you sense when you are on the grounds of this location. Conceived as an architectural school the site is fully operational even today, modified just a bit to serve its scope, but still stealthy blended in the surrounding desert. Gardens, fountains, passages, the triangular pool, sculptures all are harmoniously entwined with the desert and with the occasionally saguaros peppering the grounds. Frank Lloyd Wright’s apartments are entered by a barely noticeable door that opens in the famous “garden”, continuing to the tiny bedrooms of a highly utilitarian but extremely elegant architecture.
The theater dedicated to the ballets staged by his late wife and the stupendously elegant cabaret theater complete the tour.


“The Garden” in Taliesin West

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