Feeling the energy in Sedona

29 Apr

Cactus flowers in spring, Sedona, AZ

I don’t know if it is the energy of the vortexes or not but I always felt very good in Sedona. A place where New Age is for sure the main business of a town peppered with art galleries of modern and Indian art, Sedona is a world in itself, far from the other townships of Arizona. The mountains surrounding the place, red and tall, gave it the nickname of the Red Rock country no matter that many other formations like them are all over the American South West. However the way Sedona is marketed is by these energy vortexes, a very large number of them, out of which the most famous four are trampled by tourists with kids, bikes and dogs. When ask you would be pointed right way to the Airport Mesa, the Bell Rock, the Boynton Canyon or to the Cathedral Rock, sites where the mystical guides are performing shamanic trances with drumming on top of some of these locations.


Shaman performing the drumming on top of Airport Mesa

We took the rainbow as a token of appeasement after we got drenched on the top of the mesa, by a spring shower. Its signs were long announced but we hoped that would not come our way protected by the vortexes of energy. Energy or not, the feeling you have on top of the Sedona’s sites is of total peacefulness, a tranquility that you rarely encounter even in the South West.


Rainbow over the red rocks, Sedona, AZ

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