30 Apr

Palakti Ruins, AZ

Some of the best preserved Sinagua ruins are just steps away from Sedona, Palakti and Honanaki. As in many places that try to preserve the ruins, the park is accessed by a dirt road and can be visited only by appointment, easy to get otherwise. According to the archeologists the Sinagua were ancestors of the Hopi, who somehow migrated from here in Vale Verde, and moved up north to the Hopi Mesas. The classical reason of this migration, the drought, it makes less sense here in a valley that was definitely more humid than the dry plateau where they are now. Interesting is the fact that the Hopi tradition considers that the Sinagua were the newcomers and the Hopi were here for longer that they can remember and they taught the Sinagua everything they had to know. Latter on the Apache settled here, the ruins being dedicated to both the Hopi and the Apache.


The crack to the other world, Palakti, AZ

In any case the place has a magic atmosphere, with houses built under the cliffs and ceremonial places still very powerful and visited constantly by the Hopi shamans all decorated with petroglyphs. Some of these drawings are around the Roasting Pit, a smoked cave that is a very important ceremonial place where the crack in the nearby wall is considered the place through which the spirits travel between the worlds on top of which the tall spirit figure, thousands years old, thrones over an Apache helix spiral.

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