Between two beaches: From Playa Larga to Matanza

09 May

We uploaded an album of frames from the shoot we did in Playa Larga and Matanza in Cuba.

IMG_7117 copy

Playa Larga

Playa Larga’s location is on the southern side of the island, close to the infamous Playa Giron, known better as the Bay of Pigs, the place of the failed American invasion of Cuba in 1961. Now all these beaches are resorts, only the remindings of the old events are in a local historical museum, still in renovation. Playa Larga is a laid back place with restaurants on the beach and old colorful fishermen boats floating in the bay. It’s a far cry from the northern Caribbean resorts of Varadero and Cayo Coco and this is what gives Playa Larga an unforgettable charm, a place that the coming development may soon change. For now is just a village by the ocean with palm trees on the beach, small terraces where you can sip a mojito and small houses where you can stay overnight.

IMG_7189 copy

Parque de la Libertad, Matanza

From Playa Larga I was able to hop a bus, the only one stopping in the day, and stopped in Matanza, a city full of culture that is nicknamed the Athens of Cuba by the large number of scholars who lived there. In spite of its derelict buildings the architecture of the center part of the town is impressive. It has the largest old pharmacy in Cuba, converted in Museo de Pharmacia, la Botica Triolet caring the name of the French pharmacist who established a chain of these stores in Cuba.

DSC09422 copy


Close by from Matanza is Varadero. We shot there the past year and we were not impressed at all. Just a strip of hotels and resorts, huge and impersonal, like anywhere else in the world, with nothing of Cuba in them, that end up in a gigantic and completely empty marina waiting for the American yachts to come. The disappointment was at its highest and if I did not rent the room for the night I would have left the place after 3 hours.

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