Around Havana

20 May
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Havana’s Capitolio in permanent renovation

We posted an album of frames from the shoot we did this spring in Havana. The city is alive and is a magnet with its streets full of live, music and dance. But if you leave the center populated now by more and more tourists you can discover a world of enchantment in its suburbs. Take a colectivo and end up in any neighborhood of Havana and you’ll find how life really goes in the Cuban capital.


Fusterlandia, Havana, Cuba

Fusterlandia is a project developed by a famous Cuban artist Jose Fuster, who created chromatic designs on the gates of the streets around the place he inhabits. A sort of Gaudi meeting Picasso, his work is spell-bounding in its complexity and eye catching combinations.


Sidewalk line to enter Copellia ice cream parlor, Havana

Taxi colectivo, a sort of “Lyft” before Silicon Valley was even invented, go in all the neighborhoods, so hail a 1957 Chevy and jump with the locals and end up in Hemingway’s Villa or in San Lazaro Sanctuary or around Marina Hemigway or in Playa del Este. And in so many other places….

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