27 May

Kalmus Beach, before the race- Hyannis, Cape Cod, MA

What started as a “fun race to Nantucket” as a weekend pass time sometimes in the early 70s morphed in time in a well established Cape Cod tradition, the Figawi race. Hyannis Port is packed during Memorial Day weekend by over 240 boats and attended by more than 3000 people who came to visit or participate in the race. Supported and joined also by the Kennedys, who have their compound here and are well known for a long sailing tradition, the race was soon joined by skippers from off-Cape areas so it grew from a several friend fun happening to a mass event with a large list of sponsors and a charity ball.
The boats moored over night in Kalmus Beach, off Hyannis port, leave early morning to Nantucket, planned to arrive more or less in the same time in the island where their entry parade is attended by the local crowds.
According to the urban dictionary, the word figawi supposedly comes from drunken sailors with the New England accent landing on Nantucket and asking the question, “Where the fuck are we?”


Figawi race

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