Life in Cuba

17 Jun
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Havana, Cuba

We published a last album of frames from the last shoot in Cuba that tries to capture life as it happens on the streets of the many cities of the island. A life of contrasts, a joyful life of lacks and needs but more alive and present than many lives in the western world. US and Cuba are two faces of the same coins;

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Malecon, Havana, Cuba

if you come from New York you are used with the insane competition that makes the city sizzle. It’s such a natural state of things that you may not even notice it when you live in the Big Apple. As one friend pointed out, even the line ”work hard, play hard” points to the obsession that even when you play or relax you just have to win.


Checking the internet on Parc Fe de valle, Havana, Cuba

This competitive hysteria is completely unknown in Cuba where everybody chills under the watchful eyes of the Communist Party. The dance and music or just sitting and watching the street is the norm and work is happening only as a chore when you really need something to eat and not as a way of living as Americans do. So sit back and relax, have a mojito and be carried away by the flow. When you return and see how New York runs non-stop, you may reconsider your life….


El Rincon, Havana, Cuba

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