Now you can order “Cartea povestilor uitate” in USA

11 Jul


This volume gathers travel adventures and experiences from various parts of the world. From religious pilgrimages in Tibet on the Himalaya heights to the surrealist landscape of the American south-west; from the Peruvian altiplano that Inca used to build their empire to the Kuna Indians forgotten on the Caribbean’s atolls or the ones from the Embera tribes living their life as the way they were born on Chagres River; from an India frozen in time to a museum-like Cuba, impeccably preserved by the American embargo. Most of these experiences delved in a world outside of the beaten path, little exposed to the tourist routes. But the described experiences are not related only to the places and people we visited but depicts also the shock of the westerner less exposed to vary ways of life so different from the world in which he regularly lives.

You can order a copy of this book in the USA, in Romanian language, by clicking here

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