St. Mary

15 Aug

Green Hours, Bucharest

In aligning Romania to the European values, some years ago the religious holiday of St. Mary was declared National Holiday. The holiday is on August 15, right in the middle of the holiday month and lots of people drive to the Black Sea for at least a 3 day weekend if they are lucky enough to find accommodation in a weekend that is completely booked. Holidays were scarce during the Communist times but now they enjoy enough holidays and especially the European standard of 6, yes six, working weeks vacation that they may take in bulk sometimes. In the same vacation spirit, maternity leave was extended to two years with a hefty 85% pay. Taking advantage of so many time off travel agencies have amazing offers for tours around the world and many Romanians travel a lot. If you ask somebody where the balance should be, of course they would love to be better paid but if push comes to shove a longer vacation is preferred to more earnings. And for sure I don’t blame them …
In Bucharest, with its slow tempo in the summer, the concerts are succeeding one after another, Rihana, Sia and some others packing the Constitution Square. For St Mary’s day another Mary, Raducanu, a folk-ethno-jazz singer filled the garden of Green Hours in the city center in an extremely pleasant and intimate atmosphere till late in the night.

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