It’s worth a buck…

23 Sep

Times Square, New York

It’s worth a buck to avoid disaster, not that the alternative would be enticing but is less dangerous. We live a time when the GOP morphed in a bunch of frustrated apparatchiks resembling the old Communist parties of Eastern Europe: if you step outside the line of what the party said you are ostracized, at least for the movement. Next step they may land you in jail. Today was Cruz who finally kissed The Donald on the lips, the last in a long line of conservative, (conservatives in what?) republicans who kowtow to a candidate who forced his way through bar brawl mentality, injuries and personal insults towards his colleagues. The tone was given by the “anti-hero” McCain, who was such a loser that he got caught in Vietnam but in spite of this statement he kissed the hand that slapped him. McCain is conscious that he voted for the devil and appeased everybody that Trump would not be able to do anything he wants in our country of laws: “Do you think that this is Romania?”. So he voted for Trump and is ready to impeach him from the get go….. Long gone are the times when the GOP had principles and they were fighting for them. Now they fight for jobs, like any other Joe that runs the rat race. Not saying that the other side of the isle would be different but for the moment: “Houston, we have a problem”.
Luckily we still have the press that still can take a position, like Cincinnati Inquirer that would vote against “the menace” after one hundred years (yes, 100!) voting constantly republican:
“Trump brands himself as an outsider untainted by special interests, but we see a man utterly corrupted by self-interest. His narcissistic bid for the presidency is more about making himself great than America,” the board said. “Trump tears our country and many of its people down with his words so that he can build himself up. What else are we left to believe about a man who tells the American public that he alone can fix what ails us?”

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