Like pigs in the mud

10 Oct

Luckily I was out of the country in the night of the second “un-presidential” debate and I did not waste my night watching the useless performance. However I read about it in the morning in world news just to be even more than happy that I slept through it. The temptation for the media to have a complete mud bath was way too elevated to avoid asking Trump about his comments about women that came up the day before. As usual when trash is available, the media would presented it as “valued news” and will be introduced as their high standard of journalistic investigation. But a piece of shit does not morph in diamonds if New York Times or CNN touches it. The media tries to bring the lowest of the lows in our homes and they forced us to delve into it and somehow everybody joins the band wagon, happy to frolic in the mud. Like pigs. We know who Trump is and what he is capable of; if they really wanted to show his inexperience and uselessness they could have asked him ANYTHING else and he would have been unable to utter anything reasonable except some already tired lines. But the sex and junk sells for CNN and they make rating as you could see if watching a CNN clip shot in a Trump camp where the audience was cheering each of his obnoxious tirades with cheers like in a Spanish corida or like in a mud fight. Of course the “presidential” Donald Duck could not answer in any other way except splashing his pig mud around to touch the first row where Bill Clinton, another piece of work, was sitting with his brat daughter. I don’t doubt that Bill told The Donald when they played golf many dirty secrets described in the same graphic way as Trump did but should we really care about it? In each election I watched in the last 15 years most of the issues that comes along in the media and debates are non-issues, just a smoke screen to fool the audience of not keep insisting in asking the real question: how come that America is so great and rich and people live terrible lives? We cannot answer this question because the ones who ask and the ones who answer are all completely out of the Joe’s reality. And can you tell me that the man in the Ivory Tower on 5th can solve it? You must be kidding….

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