The colors of Hudson Valley

19 Oct

Breakneck Ridge, Hudson Valley, NY

The glorious day pulled us out of the house to the colorful in fall Hudson Valley. We planned a hike as we do at least once each fall and we drove again towards Breakneck Ridge, the spectacular straight-up hike.We planned to combine two mountains on this hike and we went all the way up to the highest point of the ridge from where you can see the Bannerman Castle right underneath.


The yellow of the forest in Hudson Valley, NY

From there we turned to the blue Cornish trail that brings you through the spectacular yellows of the Hudson Valley forest with buildings abandoned in the woods we visited before, taking a route that brought us to the top of Bull Hill. The view from the top of Bull Hill towards Cold Springs and the entire valley with West Point in the river’s bend is spectacular even now when the leaves are still obstructing the view.


Bull Hill, NY

Descending Bull Hill towards the road, right before we reached Little Stony Point we arrived at an amazing view: an opening right in the front of a panoramic ridge looking like the ones in the canyons of the South West, with a location for fire under the ridge resembling a ceremonials place. You can walk right under the long ridge through the opening that once had trees looking up to the rock, surprised in a way not to see any ancestors’ dwelling that are so common in the South West’s canyons. We did both of these hikes before a number of time but we never combined them in this 6 hour loop if you add the time that you need to retract your steps back to the Breakneck Ridge tunnel where we parked the car.


Little Stony Point Trail, NY

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