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15 Nov

…this election may have caused to all. It was the most embarrassing election that we could remember, a circus and a cheap soap opera opposing a bozo billionaire surrounded by stories of once young chicks and the wife of an ex-President. Doesn’t it smell of Latin America? I know that many of the people around the world would have expected better from the USA, and we did also, but this is all what we could offer at the moment. We, in the USA were not exposed till now to this scenario that many in Europe saw before: the fascist against the crook (even if, here, it’s not too much proved about the crook). France saw it between LePen and Chirac, and Romania saw it between Vadim and Iliescu and for sure many others countries I don’t know about. And they chose right, dumping the fascist. We, the people, the beacon of liberties and the lighthouse of freedom, did not and cheerfully we picked the fascist. But in spite of the outcome we are relieved that is over and now we have just to ponder on our fear of what this unexpected outcome would bring for our country and the world.


Anti-Trump March on Fifth Avenue, New York – November 12, 2016

In the election night I went to sleep at 10:40 PM. When CNN announced that Ohio was won with 14 points it was clear, at least for me, that The Donald will win. The spread was too large not to be a contamination around. So I woke up in the morning within the general disbelief that Hillary lost. Of course, I am talking about East Coast’s disbelief, a disbelief rooted in our bubble mentality of affluent communities gyrating around Manhattan. There were almost no doubts that Hillary would win, first because she was by far the best candidate and her opponent was incredibly ridiculous in petulance and hate. But all this was only in our bubble. The bubble of our liberal establishment whose entire universe is narrowly defined between the island of Manhattan and the other shores of the Atlantic or of the ones who buy into this liberal ideas because of the good-cause factor. A liberal establishment that thinks that everybody must live together and chaff the ones who express any doubt about it. The liberal establishment that cherish a diversity that is forcefully imposed and front-lined in spite of the obvious fact that people are not prepared for it. The same elites that in Europe consider that EU is a great concept in fact when it proves to be great only on paper, doubted by its constituents whose concerns are way more mundane that the lofty ideals. An elite that considers itself far superior and impose models of living and flavor of “newspeak”. An elite that during elections keeps pushing issues that create a smoke screen about LGBT and bathroom usage instead of talking about the real issues that people care about, not that those are not important but not SO important to be front line in an election. All these elites that meet among themselves deciding the fate of humanity and pushing on fast track for an advancement around the world that is beyond comprehension for so many who barely are able to put food on the table. (see also:


Anti-Trump March on Fifth Avenue, New York – November 12, 2016

But for us, in spite of the catastrophic result and its deplorable soap opera aspects, this election was also a good change. For the first time in the long history of the American elections some of the candidates left the PC aside and spoke about issues that people really care about. They shed the smoke screen and they spoke about the drugs pouring over the southern border brought by illegal immigrants, the fear people have about un-vetted Islamist immigrants and the fled of jobs over the border. Trump is fascist and a nut but taken wholesale part of the issues he approached were not off the charts except the broohaha that he wrapped them in. On the opposite front Bernie was able to energize the youth like nobody else with his issues about one payer health plan, free college tuition for community college, the corruption in Washington that we know very well about and Hillary’s in-bedding with Wall Street. And, yes, they may not have any solutions for all these issues for the moment but at least they came in public discourse, and this is the necessary condition in creating solutions.

So how come a person like Hillary, the epitome of the East Coast elite, so brilliant, intelligent, with such a high standard of ideas can lose against a clueless opponent like Trump?

The fact that she ran a terrible campaign with aggressive pointless advertising that did not show what she stands for but was saying repeatedly that Trump is a jerk (duhhh, everybody knows that) was of no concern. The fact that there were so many things hanging on her after so many years that were no proved but were out there nobody seemed to care about and she forced her way in, instead of leaving Bernie who would have won against Trump hands down. The fact that the media followed Trump like flies to a pile of shit creating acute interest in their derision, falling in this way in their own trap. The fact that Hillary is as interesting as a block of cement in the rain when she gives a speech, almost as boring as Gore was, was again no concern. Hers and the democrats’ curse is that they schemed in their Clintonesque style to get rid of Bernie and in this stands their defeat. I am absolutely convinced that Bernie would have won against Trump.


Anti-Trump March on Fifth Avenue, New York – November 12, 2016

For many years I kept talking with friends that we really have no idea how people around us live. We go to our busy Manhattan jobs, on one of the most competitive markets in the world, an island of high level prosperity of which we take a part, we spend time on subway or train commute and we come to our nice homes exhausted. In our spare times we browse through New Yorker and go to the BAM or Symphony Space, Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall but what happens outside of this circle we are clueless about; how a single mother is living in Harlem with her husband in jail and one son dead on drugs; how a family of five with one earner can live if is no job around; what people who care about religion talk about dinner table in a Wisconsin’s house that is threatened by foreclosure. Did we met anybody in Ohio rural area? Or Wisconsin? Chances are that we did not. And all what we hear around is the talk of political correctness and wild activism that, for me at least, sounds so similar with the Communist propaganda that I had to gulp for so many years.
(see also:

The Donald put an incredible reality show combining fear with empty messianic promises. Our New York clown and playboy whom we always made a face when we heard about, became the king to his own utmost surprise. But in spite of the enthusiasm that he generated in the campaign he garnered less votes than Romney but to his luck, Hillary got way less than Obama, in spite of winning the popular vote. Since he started his campaign I was afraid exactly of a scenario like this. Many people whose frustrations were boiling for eight Obama years voted for him in hordes being duped to give the vote to a fascist and challenge the viability of our republic. The others who were with the rope around the neck gave the vote for just void hopes of a little bit of air. All suckers, being conned by the conman. Nobody will be paid back simply because it’s nothing to pay with. Some jobs may have been lost to Mexico, many others were won in other more affluent places of the US, but the core of the jobs were lost to automation that nobody talk about because the war against the machines is way to Sci-fi. (see also: ). And this is just the beginning, as the luminaries of Silicon Valley predict that in 30 years more than 50% of people would be unemployed in an America that would be the manufacturing power house of the world. And what can we offer then? Brown shirts….


Anti-Trump March on Fifth Avenue, New York – November 12, 2016

What puzzles me is how come when the Republicans are able to get a president in the House, the chosen one is systematically by far the most idiotic and clueless of the entire ballot. Their terrible pick is ruining our nation. Meanwhile the protests runs continuously in American cities, like people just woke up now from some kind of anesthesia. I wish they would have protested while The Donald was making inroads in the Republican convention trashing and insulting his opponents or after his disgusting interventions in the debates with Hillary.

Unfortunately my dear friends this is all what we could offer for this show because we placed ourselves in our own corners and we never wanted to talk to the other side. Let’s hope that the next show would offer something better. If it would ever exist another show…

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