Columbia Trail

18 Nov

Columbia Trail, NJ

By far we had the best November that I could remember; temperatures in the 60s and clear skies with just a little bit of rain concentrated in few days. So we went again biking through the beautiful foliage that still hangs on some trees.


Columbia Trail, NJ

This time we discovered Columbia Trail in Morris County, NJ, a stretch of more than 15 miles one way on an old train track, decommissioned in 1976. The track was built in the first half of the 19th century to transport iron ore dug from northern NJ to smelters on the way.


Columbia Trail, NJ

The trail crosses rural New Jersey through some small towns, starting in High Bridge and going through Califon, a town founded by a guy who made his fortunes in the gold rush and wanted to name it California but the board on which they engraved the name was shorter so he settled only for Califon.


Columbia Trail, NJ

Further the trail continues through Long Valley, an outpost of German immigrants on the middle of the 18th century with an old Gothic church ending in Bartley Road from where, across the road, the train track continues being still in use and serving towns on the way for another 15 miles to Wharton, NJ.


The train track to Wharton in Bartley Road, NJ

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