Complete 9 DVDs series about Tibet’s culture and tradition

29 Jan


We reedited with new material and a different story the pilgrimage we did several years ago to Mount Kailash, the holiest mountain in Tibet venerated by Tibetan Buddhists, Shiva followers, Jains and the followers of the Bob religion, the pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet. From there we continued to Lake Manasarovar, the holy lake revered by Shiva followers whose pilgrimage was mentioned in the old Indian Purana writings thousands of years ago. We ended the foray in Western Tibet at the base camp of Mount Everest, in Rongbu Monastery, the highest monastery in the entire world, hiking towards the peak till Camp One. These two new DVDs complete a series of videos about about Tibet, a 9 DVD foray into the traditions and culture of this distant land, about a mysterious city located somewhere over the edge of the world in a land brutally occupied by the Chinese; a spiritual devotion not easily encountered anywhere in the world, a charismatic leader well known to the entire world and a 6 year old boy imprisoned to control the future of this spiritual land.

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