The thieves’ paradise

01 Feb

Victoria Square, Bucharest

Tonight the new government of Romania established Romania as the thieves’ paradise. The tremendous corruption that marred Romania was always there but in the recent years was challenged by a relentless group of prosecutors under the remarkable leadership of Codruta Kovessi who was able to prosecute in a “mani puliti” style lots of Romania politicians. It came to the point that a very large number of MPs were under prosecution or landed in jail after they lost the seat in the Parliament.
Unfortunately not all that were proved corrupt and accepting bribes because many dossiers were lagging in process but it was know that they will be soon prosecuted.


Victoria Square, Bucharest

Tonight the government voted in a exceptional session, late in the night, especially chosen, a 18F frosty night, an executive order by which all who were under investigation were cleared giving basically a clean slate for a national theft and graft. The thugs won! The main thug is the leader of ruling Socialists who was already with a number of dossiers hanging on his head and his Justice Ministry , Florian Iordache, who is at the second try to pass such a law.


The Romanian government building, Bucharest

After the Ministry of Justice obnoxious and aggressive press conference that happened around 10:30 PM, unexpected for the politicians, hoards of people in the entire country marched to the city center in a huge protest. The crowd surrounded the government building, blocking all access gates, hoping as one protester put it “to burn the rats live inside”. What made it interesting was that all this flux of protesters coming into the square was incessantly flowing after midnight, in a freezing midnight. In Bucharest, watching at 1:00 AM, I saw coming from all corners of the Government Square throngs of young people like in a procession that was mourning the Romanian democracy. It looked like a candle-less Easter procession but this time a mournful and angry one. TV anchors were denouncing the executive order that tried to protect not only the politicians but also their family and second degree relatives. Some anchors advised the viewers to leave Romania and emigrate because is nothing left to do in Romania except theft.


The Romanian Government building in Bucharest

In Romania if you are not a thief, you are a sucker!

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