“Abrogate and leave”…

03 Feb


…was the main slogan called by the demonstrators last night in the Victoria Square. The protests swelled by warmer weather reached around 150.000 people and blocked all avenues that were accessing the square paralyzing the entire city center. People were flowing to and from the square from all directions transforming the boulevards in a human river through which the cars were trying shyly to find their way.


The man behind the curtain, the leader of the Social Democrats, Liviu Dragnea. “Drac” in Romanian means devil.

Most of the people were young, students who still hope when they graduate to have a country of their own where they can live and not have to find their luck somewhere else in Europe. Others came with children and pets with billboard attached to the carriages or to their dog’s necks. In a country riddled by legends of vampires the portrait of the leader of the Social Democrats, Liviu Dragnea, the behind the curtain architect and beneficiary of the current executive order, was adorned with horns being labeled as a devil. 2D cutouts of the members of the current monstrous government dressed in jail jump suits was paraded through the square with a coffin in front and a large cross under projections on the adjoined buildings of the slogans called by the demonstrators.


The five main puppeteers in jail jump suits.

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