Children and dogs

04 Feb

“The “red plague” should perish if you want for us to stay in this country”

The fifth day of marches and demonstrations was dedicated to the children. The entire square was full of children drawing on asphalt in a serene atmosphere. Many came with their dogs who were caring a political message on their collar and were the delight of the children who played with them.


“Don’t steal my future”

Entire families came out in a sunny and warm Saturday for a walk and gathered in the Victoria Square as a sign of unity against that abusive executive order.


” I cannot vote but I can protest”

The demonstrators stayed for the entire day, gathering maybe about 5000 people in the afternoon.


Political involved children drawing on the asphalt, Victoria Square, Bucharest


Even with “The Donald” at the helm the hope is still on the US and the American Embassy had a very clear message sustaining the continuation of the fight against corruption

The demonstration gained momentum like in every other day in the evening when its number swelled considerably filling the square to the brim and bringing the number to around 170000 people singing the national anthem whose verses were projected on an adjacent building. During the evening cowing under the street pressure the government gave in and announced that they would abrogate the executive order.


Victoria Square in the evening gathering more than 170000 people, Bucharest, Romania

The funny messages abounded in an incredible deluge of creativity, one of them mocking the Trump message applied to a jail, Jilava, where most of the corrupt politicians spent time.


“Make Jilava great again” – Jilava is a jail where the corrupt politicians spent time.

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