Facebook democracy

06 Feb

I have never been a Facebook fan but I was in awe watching how this platform can be used for mass protests around the globe fighting tyranny and abuse. Probably 15 years ago such an amazing protest could not have happened in Romania without a way to communicate and organize like it was done in these six magical nights.



Last night, the sixth, way more than quarter million people gathered in Victoria Square that it was packed to the point that it was almost impossible to advance. Last time when I was in such a crowded place was in India during Kumbh Mela!!!
The moment when all the phone LEDs were turned on it was like a spiritual moment, flooding in light the entire square and sending toward the sky the hopes and wishes of liberty, fairness and responsibility of all 280.000 people in Bucharest and the other quarter million protesting in the other parts of the country and abroad.


More than quarter million people turned on their phone flash LEDs at once in an incredible show of unity in Victoria Square, Bucharest

I felt very proud of my compatriots all these six days and I considered myself very fortunate to be here and share with them this event in Bucharest. I hope that they will be able to keep organizing like this for the future challenges and not let the crooks and thieves who are prevalent in the entire Romanian political spectrum to steal and rob the country like they did it for the last 27 years. And because they were so good at pushing this grass root democracy and protests, maybe we can invite them in the USA to help us block Donald’s ridiculous and abusive policies and attitudes. Bravo and #resist


Victoria square lit by phone LEDs in Bucharest

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