“We will remove the “traitor” Trump”-Keith Olbermann

12 Feb


Watch here the emotional speech by Keith Olbermann apologizing to the world for Trump’s actions against immigrants that are a disgrace to this country. All of us, immigrants, descendants of immigrants and refugees, built this great nation that was known to the world for its goodness and generosity and not the bigotry and intolerance that pervades the current republican administration.

In London Review of Books, Sydney Blumenthal writes a short history of the Trump family that is worth reading for those who do not know the character except of what transpired recently. For us living in New York, the article describes exactly the character we always knew since the 80s and whom we never paid too much attention simply because it was taken in consideration only by the tabloids.

At an event hosted by Texas Patriots PAC in April 2015, Donald Trump said the following: “Everything’s coming across the border: the illegals, the cars, the whole thing. It’s like a big mess. Blah. It’s like vomit.”

If all these are like vomit, what actually are you, Donald?

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