Late snow

18 Mar

Avenues and side streets were blocked by snow removal vehicles working round the clock to clean up

The late snow storm that came on Monday night, way late and for sure way stronger in the season, paralyzed the traffic in the city. The commuter lines, if they run, had heavy delays and the elevated subways were closed. The next morning the city looked like under siege with huge trucks rolling on 5th Avenue caring the snow away or blocking the side streets where bulldozers were packing the snow to be removed. The traffic was jammed for the entire 5th Avenue in a frantic effort to clean up for the Friday’s St Patrick Day parade. The amount of snow clogged the sewage and created unusual large pools of melted slush at each intersection, making the walk in the city extremely annoying in trying to avoid the swim through the pools. The parts of the avenues that were not critical were left covered in snow like the entire pedestrian area of Broadway.

Broadway covered in snow

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