Robbers’ Roost

11 Apr

Dead Horse State Park, UT

Robbers roost was an area in South-Eastern Utah where during the end of the 19th century bands of thieves were rustling cattle, stealing horses and robbing banks and trains. Out of the many who roamed this area the Wild Bunch gang formed by Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid had a hideout through the formations of the current Canyonlands National Park, somewhere in the Maze.
Beside their most famous partners romanticized in movies some of the actors involved in these robberies were Flat Nose George and the Curry boys, Elzy Lay, Gunplay Maxwell, the McCarty boys, Peep O’Day, Silver Tip, Blue John, and Indian Ed Newcomb.

Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park-Island in the Sky, UT

The huge area remained even today a wilderness, many areas being converted in national parks, from the parks close to Interstate 15, Zion and Kolob Canyon, through Bryce and Escalante, to Canyonlands all the way to Moab.
If you hike in this area it is of no surprise to understand why these guys were able to find a safe haven in the area, the intricate landscape of needles and buttes, canyons and river gorges being ideal for a hideout.

Shafer Trail Drive in Canyonlands National Park-Island in the Sky, UT

Canyonlands National Park is one of the parks in this large swath of land that it has three separate areas that could not be connected between them. Located on top of the mesas and overlooking an submerged and eroded landscape, Island in the Sky is the largest visited area of the park, being also the closest to Moab, a town that became recently a Mecca for hikers and climbers. Close to this side of the park is a small but charming Dead Horse Point State Park.

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