Hobbit Land

14 Apr

Robbers Roost Motel, Green River, UT

Green River is a town left behind by the traffic on the Interstate. Once a booming town, now its historic part is almost a ghost town with all the new hotels built far from its old center. The only motel still standing in the old town is Robbers Roost, a sign that the legends never die.

Little Wild Horse Canyon, UT

Relatively close by, in the San Rafael swell is one of the best hikes in the area: the 8 mile loop that goes through the Little Wild Horse Canyon, a spectacular slot canyon, and comes back through Bell Canyon. The Little Wild Horse Canyon is about 3.6 miles long out of which about two thirds were formed by the slot, flooded in one place. It is one of the longer slot canyon in which you can walk with no climbing or jumping that I hiked in.

Goblin Valley State Park, UT

Just at the Little Wild Horse Canyon access road entrance is the magical world of the Goblin Valley State Park, a miraculous realm of formations that would be expected to be found in the wizardry world of the Hobbit rather than the state of Utah. You watch mesmerized from the top the multiform that pepper the valley and you cannot stop walking down in the valley through the formations, all resembling mushrooms whose hats melt under the rain creating other mounds out of which other goblins would raise.

Goblin Valley State Park, UT

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