Our dream of flying

24 Apr

Flying in VR at NAB in Las Vegas

I think that was a curse that confined the humanity to be stuck to the ground. In our dreams we always want to get light and fly over or away from our muddy surroundings. But if we could not do it for real, or with some kind of Ikarus type contraptions, for sure we can do it virtually as this guy does in this image flying through high-rises over Manhattan. Each year at the NAB, the TV broadcaster show in Vegas, is an emphasis on one technology and this year it looks that almost everybody wants to talk or do Virtual Reality or VR.

Would you really wear this?

Either there are compact devices with all cameras incorporated or sets of cameras that are mounted on somebody’s head or a simple gizmo that is connected to your iPhone, everybody is into the VR business. Fad or not, the technology is cool, way better than the 3D that was monopolizing the convention floor several years ago. The fact that you would ever come home and get your contraption on your head to the see the news in VR is another question. Meanwhile wherever you go on the convention floor you bump into people with goggles on their heads looking at a immersive video.

The main pass time in NAB: watching VR…

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