Shapes and murals in LA

28 Apr

The Broad, Los Angeles, CA

I guess it’s about 20 years since I was for the first time in Downtown LA. I remember that it was dull and dirty and full of homeless people, even way more than in New York at that time. Things were few and far between and you went there just because it existed and it hosted the Los Angeles Museum, LACMA, but not because you really had to walk through it. About 10 years ago I went again and the construction boom was taking its toll on the downtown, many of the beautiful old architecture building being renovated and converted in apartments. A lot of guys from Central America were working in all these buildings, terrified by the presence of my camera. The downtown was still not great, more open spaces converted in parking areas than buildings.

The new Eco Court House, Los Angeles, CA

However things started to change and amazing stuff happened meanwhile. Frank Gehry’s spectacular Disney Concert Hall is neighboring the honeycomb building of The Broad, a new museum of contemporary art. From the top of the City hall you can admire the sprawl of Los Angeles all the way to San Gabriel Mountains. The new Eco courthouse, inaugurated as I understood about 6 weeks ago is glittering in the Californian sun and on a side there are the new police building and the transportation buildings, all quite interesting architecturally. But still is a long way till the LA downtown would become a lively part of the city, a place where you don’t have to hike to find a coffee. But first they have to remove somehow the waste looking parking areas, like the one in front of the Disney Concert Hall. Till then you still can walk between Chinatown and Little Japan or admire Bradbury Building in which Ridley Scott shot “Blade Runner” that has in front a spectacular mural of Anthony Quinn dancing “zorba” dressed in a Victor suit.

Mural by Eloy Torrez

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