Vive la France!

08 May

I was chatting in February with some French friends in Bucharest about the prospects of the presidential elections in France and the chances of Front Nationale and its Marine Le Pen to win. For sure after our American election fiasco I was more concerned than them while they were decrying the ascent of Macron and the sinking of Francois Fillon, who would have made a good president. My friends considered Macron a straw man created by rich nonagenarians, some of which similar with the ones watching Fox in the US, who says always what is delivered on the menu. However when I chatted with them recently, in spite of their repulsion they still had for him, the spectrum of electing Marine was for sure  eclipsing their concern. Marine Le Pen was named in the US “The Trump woman” but the comparison does not make her justice, She may be filled up with the same hate and sidelined by the their elite as Trump is in the US, but she is not a fool. She is a seasoned politician with a pretty good sense of what should be done in France, unfortunately too much in Putin’s pocket, isolationist and with no sense of hope for the EU. But in the end the French, a better educated people than us, decided the right thing and elected not the fear monger but the other alternative, even if they disliked him. Simply because they did understand that fear is for the weak. At a party in New York in the night of the French election we were all French and celebrated. Vive la France!

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