Figawi on the other side

28 May

Nantucket Harbor, MA

We were last year in Hyannis when the annual Figawi race departed towards Nantucket and wrote about it. This year we found ourselves on the other end of the race, in Nantucket. The race starts on the Saturday morning of the Memorial Day weekend and all boaters spend the weekend in Nantucket, whose harbor is packed by their sailing and motor boats. Besides the boaters, throngs of college students invade the island, but primarily its harbor,  for a three day weekend of boozing and heavy partying. The harbor bars’ lines start to form even before the bars are opened in the morning and they never subside even in the late hours of the night. In spite of this year unseasonable chilly weekend all are waiting long time outside hoping for a warm up with the booze and the crowds inside the bars that are completely packed almost bursting through the windows. Wherever you go in Nantucket during this weekend you’d stumble upon other long lines. A little bit further from the harbor a huge tent is hosting the largest party in town, attended both by boaters and students, all moving Brownianly from party to party. Of course in the evening the heavy booze is taking its toll on the charming cobble stones streets of Nantucket.

Line for entering the bar in Nantucket Harbor, MA

As long as we are not into heavy boozing we chose to go for a long bike ride. The island is crisscrossed by bike trails and the best is the 20+ miles loop trail that leaves the harbor and the town and goes all the way to its other side in Siasconset, passing on its return the lighthouse of Sankaty Head, The lighthouse was built in the middle of the 19th century and the heavy winds and waves erode heavily the bluffs close to it. After many years of talks, the funds were allocated  and, about 9 years ago, it was finally relocated, not far but sufficiently not to be endangered.

Sankaty Head Lighthouse, Nantucket, MA

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