Pride and colors in New York

25 Jun

The PRIDE parade, NYC

The LGBT parade flooded the city in color. The Rainbow flag was proudly displayed almost all over town and many bars and restaurants in downtown have huge colorful balloons arcades at their entrance.

Demonstration against guns, PRIDE parade, NYC

The PRIDE parade flowed over 5th Avenue on Sunday with floats and lots of people. Beside the issues related to LGBT communities the parade encompassed the main issues our society is challenged by: violence, police brutality, inequality, death by guns and a current administration that cannot be trusted.

PRIDE parade, NYC

The parade ran for more than 5 hours passing in front of the Stonewall in Christopher Street, the place of the 1969 riots that kick started the movement, where finally a memorial commemorating those events might be raised sometimes this year.

PRIDE parade, New York City

If the colors spread by the Parade were not enough another set of colors were covering Union Square where it was celebrated Inti Raymi, the solstice sun celebration of the Inca. Started like a major religious event in the time of the Inca, the festival became nowadays a way to connect with the tradition, a large celebration with tickets sold way in advance, happening on the solstice day in Sacsayhuaman, the religious center located on top of Cusco, the old Inca capital of Peru. In New York the festival is honoring all the South American countries that once were part of the Inca empire of Tihunatinsuyo.

Festival Inti Raymi – Andean Sun Festival, Union Square, New York

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