08 Jul

Thompson Pass, Valdez, AK

Rain. Actually it does not rain continuously but is a sort of a drizzle that gains momentum for a while and subsides. When it rains in Alaska is not the rain that is bothersome but the clouds that fall upon the earth and ours souls and cover everything. We drove under these clouds from Valdez all the way to Anchorage, a 5-6 hour drive that even in this rain took us way longer.

On the Valdez-Anchorage Highway

On the way we stopped at Mt Wrangell – St Elias National Park, close to Glennallen, AK, a park that is 25% larger than the entire Switzerland. It fits inside it two Denali or six Yellowstone parks. The park has only two access roads to its interior, the main one reaching Kennicott Mines and the Ghost town, right in its middle. The entire preserved area is actually double in size if you take in consideration the park that is adjacent across the border in Canada, Kluane National Park and Preserve. However when we wanted to walk a little, just 50 yards off the visitor center the paths were closed because of “bear activity”.

Trails closed because of the bears

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