Humpbacks and halibut

11 Jul

On the road to Seward

If Homer is the place to do your fishing, Seward, on the other side of the Kenai Peninsula, is the main destination for cruises on Prince William Sound. The weather was spectacular so we decided to take a cruise in Seward in Resurrection Bay and, no matter that it was a great experience overall, it was way more choppy and not as close to the animals than the one in Valdez. I read a lot of forum chats in regards to where is the best to take a cruise and in the end, if you have to make only one cruise, I would still choose the cruise in Valdez.

Seward Harbor, AK

In the bay there were seals and some otters, puffin and lots of birds and it happened that we bumped into several humpback whales that were feeding by the shore putting an entire show of puffing water through their blow holes. As usual this gathered the entire attention, like we did in Valdez but there the humpbacks were swimming away from us pretty fast. Also, there are several glaciers in the bay close by, some tumbling into the bay and others hanging on top of it. Seward is also the terminal for the large cruises that come in Alaska from Seattle through Juneau terminating here.

Humpback whales and birds in Resurrection Bay

In Seward, the fish stalls in the harbor are always full. After a day on the boat the fishermen come here to clean and pack their catch. The main catch right now was the halibut that may go quite large and it makes for a perfect fishing picture.

Catch of the day, Seward, AK

Right outside of Seward is Exit Glacier, a very accessible glacier that can be visited all the way to its rim. The glacier is in rapid retreat and the path going towards its terminal is marked by labels of where the glacier’s terminal was, starting in 1917.

Exit Glacier, a very accessible glacier right outside of Seward

We drove back to Anchorage, 2.5 beautiful hours, looking back longingly to the Turnagain Mountains and the glaciers across the bay. A world of beauty and of friendly people that we had to leave behind. Our flight to Seattle was sometimes after midnight and for the first time, in Anchorage airport, we saw how night was engulfing everything around us.

A last view of the Alaskan Turnagain range

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