Saltaire 100

26 Aug

Saltaire Ferry Terminal, Fire Island

Saltaire is one of the villages in Fire Island. Located next to Kismet, the village is crossed by smooth elevated boardwalks that you can bike or walk at leisure surrounded by tall reed. After Sandy it’s main store was completely destroyed and a year ago a new store came up on the same location, an important asset for the summer residents of the village.

Saltaire boardwalk celebrations, Fire Island

In front of the main store is the Village Hall, a unique place in Fire Island hosting a small library that today had an exhibit of photos from the inception time when the village had just several houses.. Nearby is the Fire House, a very important institution on an island where everything is built out of wood, and near the Fire House is the baseball court full of a life tonight, for a way different activity than the one it was built for.

Sunset in Fire Island

The flurry of activity that happen tonight in the village is because the village celebrated its centennial. The main boardwalk going to the town center was closed for traffic that in Fire Island terms means that no bikes can go on that street on an island where cars are completely banned during daily summer hours and almost everybody walks barefoot.

The 100 year anniversary was held on the Saltaire’s baseball court…

The baseball field filled up with adults and kids, the beer and wine were free flowing covered by the village from two side tables and in the middle a band was playing the classical Rock’n Roll from Carpenters to Beatles to the enjoyment of the entire audience. The atmosphere proved to be so euphoric that we forced ourselves to peel off from this place close to 9 pm biking 3 miles in pitch dark, with occasional iPhone light, the Burma Road to Robert Moses State Park where we had the car parked.

…where everybody danced on classical Rock’n Roll

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